ChangeVU's digital change implementation platform provides a proven way to successfully implement change


Successful change always takes the form specific to the situation, team and organization going through the change.

ChangeVU brings together research on successful change implementation, change analytics and process automation to your team’s or organization’s situation so you see factors critical to your situation. Over time, you create and share your own success metrics and profiles.

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Where do I begin?

(This response focuses on how one might consider using the ChangeVU™ implementation platform. For the answer to “Where do I begin” regarding setting yourself up for success in Change Management, see our change implementation FAQ).

With the ChangeVU, platform, the answer of ‘where do I begin’ has two distinct dimensions - one regarding where you are in your change; and second, where you are in automating and digitizing your change infrastructure & delivery resources.

Re the first, where you are in your change, some initial considerations we would check for include:

  • knowing the complexity of the total portfolio
  • and the change component of the portfolio - and how relatively large or small the change part is.
  • gating and governance - how widespread norms are (vs need to be); phasing
  • change agent network - how central vs local; how “fit-for-purpose”
  • change infrastructure - how integrated or automated you are vs need to be.

In other words, how “set up for success” are you for the change you’re dealing with. With that, you could begin thinking of your needs for advisory and “infrastructure” support, and what configurations would work more optimally for you.

With respect to the second dimension, some initial considerations would include:

  • Where is there the most to be gained by “digitizing”? At its most basic this would be standardizing and replicating change processes and “know how” - change knowledge sharing. Some examples include common “rapid start-up” processes to get change teams going; repetitive components that can be templated and shared; and digital delivery options such as change e-learning, or automating data gathering activities (pulse checks) to feed live digital change dashboards and action planners.
  • Virtual working. To the extent that organizations are moving to much more virtual working, optimizing change delivery services between virtual and face-to-face to match user needs has proven itself cost and impact effective time and again. Looking at your needs for “just in time” change capability delivery is a good starting point to evaluate how much of your change can be - or should be - done virtually.
  • Degree of urgency: ChangeVU as a digital platform can be piloted and fed into the organization in small doses over time. It can also be used to address urgent issues, and create needed one-off insights - and then be pulled out again. Knowing your needs from an urgency perspective can help decide between short term urgencies and longer term capability building considerations through digital and automated solutions.

Hopefully, wherever you are in your stage, there will be something worthwhile to gained from the Journey!

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