Seizing Change Management Opportunities - Digitization and Digitalization

So you’re speeding down the road, driving your business onwards, adjusting as the pace of change continually increases….And road signs have been flashing past you.

Suddenly, you slow to head into a turn. You begin to take notice of the signs – because at speed, they all seemed the same. But you begin to see they’re not.

Digitization. Digitalization. And Digital Transformation.

Although many of us may have seen these terms before, the evidence continues to show, not many people are treating these terms as distinct from each other. And they really are vastly different from each other. And Change Management needs to do the same thing!

So if you’ve not leaned in on the distinction, you may want to read the article link at the bottom, or do some searching and reading yourself. But businesses are intensely involved in one or all of these activities today.

Digitizing the Change Management function is tantamount to taking your Stakeholder Engagement planning tool and scanning it. The same Interest/Influence 2x2 matrix… just scanned and updated to be a PowerPoint slide.

But digitalizing that same activity would enable you to step back and look at Stakeholder Engagement (SE) differently.

  • Do you conduct your Stakeholder Engagement process and collect your Stakeholder Engagement data the same way?
  • Could you possibly set up and feed a live dashboard?
  • Could you empower your community to drive the questions to be asked – not just respond to a set survey?
  • What data analytics could you derive from your newly digitalized Stakeholder Engagement activity?

These are just some of the questions a digitalized Change Management process would address. As opposed to digitizing your Stakeholder Engagement process – which would simply mean doing the same thing with digitized forms.

Change Management has the potential for being digitized and digitalized as the rest of your business transforms digitally. Be sure to lean in on your change and do the same!

ARTICLE: “Boundary activities in ‘boundary-less’ organizations: A case study of a transformation to a team-based structure” . Human Relations, copyright 1999 Sage Publications. Authors: Cross, RL, Yan, A, & Louis, MR.

Sources: Forbes article (19 Apr 2018) on Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation.

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