The issue:

The organization is a global leader in industrial products and solutions for maintenance and repair services for major players in the primary extraction and many other capital-intensive production and operations businesses.

The Region2 organization faced a number of specific changes which the Region1 organization (where the global headquarters was located) had already successfully completed. The company had grown in the previous 2 decades primarily through acquisition, and had consolidated locations but had not been able to standardize processes and thus faced typical challenges: duplication, competing systems, challenges to data integration and processes which required plenty of work-arounds. Growth was a steady double digits per year, but that was under significant threat as the company was finding it increasingly difficult to manage the growth and also integrate the disparate systems, processes and company brands.

The changes would require major upgrades to the company’s function’s and processes. But most annoyingly to the local management team were a number of global processes that they were now required to adhere to as part of the globalization of the company. The Region2 organization operated 20+ service center locations and needed to find a way to regionalize and standardize their operation in order to deliver services in a lower cost manner. The biggest challenge was doing so while also finding a way to adhere to missives coming from HQ.

What we did:

Following an initial assessment of the portfolio, the senior management team identified a way to manage two major tracks – one which identified the global processes and another to identify the local changes. A team was put together to run the change portfolio. Using ChagneVU’s global factors risk assessment process, the portfolio team rapidly aligned on the key risks facing the implementation. A hybrid steering committee was formed to enable global processes to integrated with local implementation efforts. Most importantly, the team was able to rapidly develop a common language, framework, understanding and approach to implementing change. The teams assessed their initiatives against ChangeVU’s SuccessFactors database. Mitigation strategies were adopted for each major workstream, and points of conflict between initiatives were able to be identified and addressed before they became major issues.

The result:

ChangeVU’s approach enabled the global and regional portfolio team to significantly accelerate their implementation efforts – while eliminating re-work or conflicting implementation schedules. The company adopted ChangeVU’s PortfolioManager and RoadmapBuilder application which rapidly enabled workstream leaders to align their initiatives to tell their unique change stories but in the context of a common framework that enabled them to assess their situation against the SuccessFactors database. Most importantly, the regional implementation effort was able to create synergies between their local needs while also adhering to requirements stemming from the global HQ organization.