Create a digital change platform for your project management office (PMO)
Data Analytics For Digital Transformation PMO
Optimize your project for change implementation
  • Standardize, automate and replicate key change processes
  • Integrate change activities into Project management workstreams, WBS (work breakdown structure), and decision gates
  • Set custom digital change risk dashboards for initiatives, teams and portfolios
  • Run change analytics, including natural language and sentiment analysis
  • Install, run & track change activities faster with more reliability
  • Enable change management in your agile environment more rapidly and more reliably
Find out how
Plug your project into proven change management success indicators
1. Assess change & digitalization needs

Log in, evaluate your needs and identify success metrics

2. Determine optimal level of change support

Identify change needs and augment your ability to deliver

3. Select and run desired applications

Evaluate needs with ChangeVU expert & identify priority actions

Change Toolkits For PMO
Put your PMO   

in control of change risk.

“I have some very strong PM’s – great in agile and project management. What would be great is if we could make it possible for them to get trained up in change implementation…”

Director, PMO, Digital Transformation
Global EPC contractor