Improve and leverage your HR change expertise
Digitalize and better deliver change
Digitalize and better deliver change
  • Standardize, automate and replicate change management across HR teams & organizations
  • Drive benefit delivery with custom change data analytics and dashboards
  • Drive engagement by integrating social media & digital change platforms
  • Build and sustain a risk-culture and mindset to implementing change
  • Optimize change TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) while improving reliability and impact
Find out how
Connect to change ready HR
1. Assess change & digitalization needs

Log in, evaluate your needs and identify success metrics

2. Determine optimal level of change support

Access intuitive, easy-to-use change applications

3. Select and run desired applications

Evaluate needs with ChangeVU expert & identify priority actions

Connect to change ready HR
Put your HR   

in control of change risk.

“I’ve been asked to increase the change management capability but no one has any time to learn”.

HR Director
Central services, F50 Bank.