Assure transformation change benefits
Digital Transformation Change Dashboard
Ensure your board is prepared for digital transformation
  • Assess your transformation portfolio for change risk severity
  • Establish and deploy reliable decision support around key change risks
  • Develop risk analytics, align on guidance for mitigation & benefits assurance
  • Access deep change expertise to support your portfolio’s specific challenges
  • Put your board in control of a proven change risk and benefit assurance process
Find out how
Plug your board/executive team into change management
1. Assess your transformation portfolio

Evaluate your change environment, complexity and readiness

2. Run portfolio change diagnostics

Assess your change against the success database

3. Debrief with ChangeVU expert

Evaluate outcomes, identify priority risks & assurance actions

Change Management Dashboard
Put your board   

in control of change risk.

“It’s not sufficient to assure the strategy, critical as that is. Shareholders returns today are much more impacted by risks to benefit realization.”

Non-Executive Director
Global food retailer