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Success-based digital transformation and change management

The ChangeVU platform applies an evidence-based approach to change. It is the result of putting two areas of inquiry together - what makes successful change implementation; and when looking at all factors, what is the “people” part? The outcome of that on-going inquiry is screened for real data, cases and scanned through the lens of emerging technologies - AI, ML and other digital areas.

The aim of the SuccessModel approach is to articulate what you need to know to make your change implementation more successful. We have created 3 lenses through which to think about improving your change, via 3 dashboards: RoI, RoE and RoKM. Either you’re looking to implement change better (RoI -better change spend and/or more effective effort), or you’d like better change key stakeholder engagement (RoE) or you’re looking to improve your change knowledge learning and delivery infrastructure (RoKM).

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Review of industry, consulting & published change management methodologies

Review of over 20+ industry change management models/methodologies/toolkits (from Industry (Health Care, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Financial Services, IT, Not-for-Profit, etc.), Change implementation service providers (leading IT, Integrators, Strategy, & Strategy Implementation providers) and thought-leader published change models). Models are reviewed periodically for validity, potential ties to change research and research databases, and relevance of any change activities, tools and deliverables offered against outcomes. Other techniques are used to scan publications, associations, events, blogs and other sites, & new entrants to the change implementation / strategy execution space.

Research model guiding principles.
Change implementation phases, framework, and activity
Review of academic research

ChangeVU undertakes periodic reviews of academic papers and research published that examine aspects relevant to successful change implementation. The review identifies emerging research themes, findings, outcomes and limitations highlighted as part of the reported results. ChangeVU continues to monitor academic and change management association publications in the change implementation and strategy execution domain.

ChangeVU success-based research on change management and digital transformation

ChangeVU’s global norms database for implementation success factors has evolved over time. Generic and individual project success profiles continue to emerge and be validated. On-going results are added and validated with the success model. The global norms database is now digitalized and can be accessed from ChangeVU’s change implementation SaaS platform. The platform enables the success database to be applied to change implementation activities depending on the phase of implementation. Teams can configure and baseline their current situation, and then periodically update scores and track variances. Other applications within the platform enable automated processes to feed real-time updates to various success-based data analytics dashboards for sponsors, change leaders, and HR leaders, change agents, coaches and consultants.

Fit-for-purpose change implementation.

To date over 1,000 reviews of the ChangeVU™ SuccessModel have been made. The success factors database now has over 5000+ man-years of reviews by 20+ year change experts. It has become a living, dynamic database. On-going team, initiative and organizational review data are added to the database quarterly. From the initial data, ChangeVU established it’s statistically validated global norms database. This forms the basis for it’s SuccessProfilor implementation risk self-assessment application, as well as other applications.